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Q: I have an Air Waybill number, how do I track my freight?

Call Everts Air Cargo at: Anchorage – 907-243-2009 or toll free within Alaska 866-242-0009 Fairbanks – 907-450-2300 or toll free within Alaska 800-434-3488

Q: How long will it take my snowmachine or ATV to arrive?

Snow machines and ATVs are moved on a space available basis (unless they are shipped as priority freight). Normal transportation of snow machines and ATVs is dictated by the date of receipt – those that were received first will be flown sooner than those which were just received. Customer Service Agents can provide you with an estimated time of transportation for your snow machine or ATV based upon the destination, number of machines and normal flight schedules; however, this information is only an estimate.

Q: What is chargeable weight?

The weight used in determining the freight charges which may be calculated using the actual weight or dimensional weight of a shipment. Chargeable weight would also include the weight of any pallets in instances where the shipments are securely banded or shrink wrapped on the pallet.

Q: What is a Tariff Exception rating?

The Tariff Exception rating is an additional charge intended to equalize the freight weight with space that is taken up by oversized, light freight.

Q: What is a fuel surcharge?

The fuel surcharge is based on a fuel index that allows Everts to correlate the fuel surcharge with our actual fuel costs. The fuel surcharge is adjusted based on sustained variations in the fuel index. Click here for current fuel surcharge.

Q: Do you accept hazardous materials?

Everts Air Cargo accepts hazardous materials in accordance with CFR 49 and the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO & IATA) technical instructions and regulations. Proper marking, labeling, packaging and the correct paperwork must be completed and approved prior to shipment. An additional hazardous materials fee applies for each shipment.

Q: Do you accept perishable goods?

Perishable goods which are accepted for transportation may include live plants, meat (including game meat and fish), fresh fruit and vegetables. Everts Air Cargo has both chill and freeze capability in Anchorage and Fairbanks to keep perishable goods at proper temperatures prior to transportation. All perishable goods are transported as “Shipper’s Risk”.

Q: What is Shipper’s Risk?

A shipment that is not sufficiently packaged to prevent damage to the shipment during the normal transportation process. Examples of common shipper's risk items include items that are uncrated such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, parts, glass, doors, building supplies. Also included would be vhicles, boats and perishable items.

Q: Can I ship live animals?

Yes, please view our Live Animals page or contact us for details.

Q: Is a health certificate required for live animals?

Animals not moving across state lines do not require a health certificate

Q: Will my shipment fit on the aircraft?

Odd-sized shipments may require personal inspection before acceptance to ensure they will fit on the aircraft. Please call customer service for further information. Vehicles must be measured prior to acceptance to determine if they will fit on the aircraft. Please have dimensions and estimated weights when checking with Customer Service. Additionally, Everts Air Cargo flies various types of aircraft. Some aircraft types, with which your load is compatible, may not be used on a scheduled day. This may delay transportation of your shipment. Every effort is made by Everts Air Cargo Load Planning to assist with transportation of oversized shipments by scheduling aircraft capable of moving this freight in a timely manner.

Q: How fast can I expect my shipment to be delivered?

General Service freight will normally be shipped within 1 – 4 days. Priority Service freight is also available, for most shipments, and will move on the next available flight, providing it is received at least two hours before the flight. Small package shipments will move on the next flight providing they are received at least 2 hours before the flight.

Q: How do I open an account?

Fill out a Credit Application and return it for processing. Credit applications can be faxed to 907-243-7333. Allow at least two weeks for processing. The length of time is determined by prompt responses from the trade references. Providing advance notification to trade references may help expedite the process. Credit applications are processed for businesses and organizations only.

Q: How is a community service donation requested?

Requests for donations may be mailed to Everts Air Cargo, 6111 Lockheed Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99502 and must be received at least three weeks prior to the date the request is needed. Please be aware that not all requests will be granted.

Q: Will Everts Air Cargo pick up or deliver my freight?

Pick-up and delivery service are available for an additional fee. Arrangements will be made with a local trucking company or freight forwarder and charges for this service will be advanced onto an Everts Air Cargo air waybill.

Q: Is my freight insurable?

Freight may be insured if the shipment is determined to be properly packaged (i.e. factory boxes, packaging or crates not exhibiting pre-existing damage) and is not designated as Shipper’s Risk.

Q: How do I file a claim for missing freight or damaged cargo?

All claims must be made to Everts Air Cargo in writing within thirty (30) days after the date of acceptance of the shipment by the Consignee, or in the case of claims for overcharges, within thirty (30) days of receipt of billing. While awaiting possible inspection by Everts Air Cargo, the consignee must hold the shipping container, packaging and its contents in the same condition they were in when damage was discovered. All transportation charges must be paid prior to a claim being considered by Everts Air Cargo. To initiate the claim process complete the Claim Form. Claim Form