Charters within Alaska

Our Cargo Charter Service is designed for transportation of large volumes of freight to both scheduled destinations, as well as non-scheduled (charter) destinations with suitable runway conditions. We operate a variety of aircraft with payloads ranging from 850 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. With multiple aircraft options, we aim to meet each customer's specialized needs with affordable pricing.

Charters offer customers the convenience of scheduling their flight, paying one flat rate, and maximizing the aircraft payload. Additionally, customers and their freight receive individual attention from an Everts Air Charter Specialist.

For large volumes of cargo that constitute less than full aircraft loads, Everts Air Cargo offers re-route flights off scheduled destination flights (commonly referred to as flag stops). Flag stop service is available to over 50 communities in Alaska with suitable runway conditions.

Community Charters

Community Charters are just one of the many services Everts Air Cargo provides to our neighbors in Rural Alaska.

Many communities' transportation options include smaller aircraft that cannot always transport larger items. Therefore, Everts has responded by offering community charters to destinations where scheduled large aircraft services are not available. Note that runway conditions must meet safety requirements.

A community charter offers participants the ability to have freight delivered to our Anchorage or Fairbanks facility, where they reference the charter consolidation number. Once enough freight has been consolidated from all participants, the charter is dispatched. All participants pay a per pound rate (commodity/Dim rates apply), much like Everts scheduled services destinations.