Cargo FAQ

Everts Air Cargo is here to serve our valued customers.  In the event you have a question or concern, please contact our Customer Service team at (907) 243-0009.

Go to the Track a Shipment page and enter your airway bill number (11 digit number beginning with 840-_ _ _ _-_ _ _ _) or call Customer Service (907) 243-2009, toll-free (866) 242-0009

*Remember: no matter when your freight is dropped off, it will NOT be manifest/scheduled for a flight until it has been paid in full or charged to an account.

  • General Freight: 3-5 business days (M-F)
  • Priority Freight: next available flight (for freight received at least two hours prior)
  • Small Packages: next available flight (for packages received at least two hours prior)
  • Vehicles: 2-4 weeks
  • Snow machines/ATV/Motorcycles: within 7 business days (M-F)

Claims Procedures and guidelines:

  • All claims must be made in writing with our Claim Form within fourteen (14) days after the acceptance of the shipment by the consignee.
  • While awaiting possible inspection by Everts Air Cargo or its agent, the consignee must hold the shipping container, packaging and its contents in the same condition they were in when damage was discovered.
  • All transportation charges must be pre-paid prior to a claim being considered by Everts Air Cargo.
  • Exceptions:  Claims for overcharges must be submitted within thirty (30) days of receipt of billing.

The greater of the actual weight vs. the dimensional “weight” of a shipment is what we use to determine the chargeable weight.

Rates for specific types of oversized or unique freight (example: appliances, vehicles, animals, live plants, human remains). Look at the Specific Commodity Tariffs menu on our Rates page to learn more.

A fuel surcharge is an additional fee or levy added to the price of a transport load or other transportation-related item to recover fuel costs increases.  Fuel surcharges are charges above the "normal" rate and fluctuate with the cost of fuel.

Yes - meat (including game meat and fish), fresh fruit and vegetables. Our freezer and chill units keep perishable goods at proper temperatures. Some outstations have limited freezer space available during transport. Perishable goods are transported as a “Shipper’s Risk”.

A shipment not sufficiently packaged to prevent damage to the shipment during shipping is labeled “Shipper’s Risk”. Some items include: furniture, appliances, mattresses, parts, glass, doors, porcelain (toilets), china, ceramics, clay, vehicles, boats and perishable items.

Everts Air Cargo has basic carrier coverage for lost or damaged goods. If caused by our negligence, the coverage is $.50 cents per pound, or $50.00, whichever is greater.

Additional insurance may be purchased. Declared value coverage allows you to increase the value of your goods up to its actual verified value, but it only covers loss caused by the negligence of Everts Air Cargo. Losses caused by other factors such as thawing, freezing, changes in atmospheric pressure, spoilage resulting from delays, etc. are excluded from coverage. Declared value coverage may be purchased for $1.00 per $100.00 of value.

Ask to speak with a Manager at Everts Air Cargo to determine if added protection is available for your shipment.

With a variety of aircraft available, we can accommodate many types of oversized freight. To ensure your freight can fit, please have dimensions and estimated weights ready when you contact us for an estimate.

Fill out a Credit Application to set-up a new business credit account. Email or fax to (907) 243-7333. Please allow up to two weeks for processing. The application process is dependent on the response times from trade references. Providing advance notification to trade references may help expedite the process.

A shipping instruction form provides specific instructions for what you want Everts to do with your freight. It assures that your freight will go to the proper destination and it acts as a delivery receipt for your goods. Many companies rely on freight forwarders to deliver their freight… a shipping instruction form assures that the instructions for your freight are properly relayed from you the customer. Although they add another step in your shipping process, they do prevent a number of mishaps from happening. It is to your benefit to use one. Yes, we require one.

EAC has a limited donation/sponsorship fund, and we practice strong stewardship in our responsibility to ensure the rural communities are equally recognized and benefit from these funds. Please be aware that not all requests can be granted. Email your request (on letterhead) to or mail to:

Everts Air Cargo
6111 Lockheed Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99502

Please allow up to three weeks for processing.

Please reach out to us at our Contact Us page.

Within certain limitations on weight and measurement.  The max length we can ship is 17 feet and max height is 68 inches.  Please note that not all destinations are capable of receiving vehicles.  Contact Sales for additional information at (907) 249-4313.

Everts Air Cargo operates a variety of aircraft to meet your needs.  Please visit the Our Fleet page for additional information.

Everts Air Cargo offers a variety of discounts depending on the needs of our customer.  We are proud to provide our "Honor Our Elders Discount" of 10% off most shipments (limitations do apply).

We can arrange pick-up and delivery of your freight for an additional fee, which will be added to your airway bill. Arrangements should be made in advance. Contact or call (907) 249-4313.

We ship hazardous materials in accordance with (IATA) International Air Transport Association and CFR 49 federal regulations. Our hazmat team can assist you with any questions you may have by contacting (907) 249-4348 or (hazmat fee applies to each shipment).   Learn more on our Hazardous Materials page.

Visit our Pets & Animals page for information on transporting your pets, dog sled teams or veterinary care transports to and from rural Alaska. Prior reservations are required to ensure your pets are well cared for during their travels. A health certificate is not required at this time; however, animals must be healthy enough to travel.

Everts has limited warehouse space, and we do not offer a storage service. Freight remaining on property after 30 days will be marked for removal. We reserve the right to charge storage fees for freight left or abandoned.

Please visit our Contact Us page to submit an inquiry online or contact Customer Service at (907) 243-0009.