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Everts Air Cargo

Pickup & Delivery

Pick-up and delivery service are available for an additional fee. Arrangements will be made with a local trucking company or freight forwarder and charges for this service will be advanced onto an Everts Air Cargo air waybill.  For further information contact customer service.


Everts Air Cargo offers a "Collect on Delivery" service which consists of transporting freight, collecting the consignee's payment and forwarding it to the shipper.  The shipper is responsible for specifying the C.O.D. amount on the air waybill. The C.O.D. fee is 1% of the C.O.D. amount, with a minimum charge of $20.

Declared Value

The declared value of a freight shipment is the value of the goods as declared by the shipper and is used to cover the limit of liability for loss or damage.  Should a shipper wish to declare a value for their shipment that exceeds Everts Air Cargo’s legal carrier liability (.50/lb.), an additional charge of $1 per $100 of declared value will apply.