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Everts Air Cargo

Specific Commodity Rates are rates applicable to the commodities listed below.The exception percentage is applied to the general or priority freight rate. Fuel Surcharge and Tax apply.

The formula to calculate total charges is: Rate x Exception Rate (percentage) x Actual Weight + Fuel Surcharge + Tax = Total


COMMODITY Exception Rate
Live Animals (prior arrangement is required) 160%
Human Remains (prior arrangement is required) 160%
Live Plants 160%
Oversized Furniture, Mattresses (≥ 48”x40”x40”)* 160%
Appliances* 140%
Snow Machines (≤ 850lbs)* 150%
ATV 4 Wheeler* 140%
Oversize ATV's, Snow Machines, Side-by-Sides** (General Freight)
Boats** Call for Quote
Trailers (full assembly)** Call for Quote
Vehicles** Call for Quote

*Single Item Only/Commercial Items Excluded

**Size restrictions may apply, call for details.

Fuel surcharge 3%, Federal Transportation Tax 6.25%
Rates subject to change without notice
$35.00 Minimum Charge, Fuel Surcharge and Tax Apply