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Everts Air Cargo

Everts Air Alaska Piper Lance

Crew 1
Passengers 5
Propulsion 1 Piston Engine
Engine Model Lycoming
Engine Power (each) 300 hp
Speed 187 kts
Service Ceiling 20.000 ft
Range 948 nm
Empty Weight 2.465 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 3.600 lbs
Wing Span 36,2 ft
Wing Area 178 ft²
Length 27,9 ft
Height 9,5 ft
First Flight 1973
Production Status out of production
Cargo Capacity

Average Useful Capacity 62 cu ft
Average Payload 1,000 lbs
Minimum Runway Length 2,500 ft

Cargo Door Dimensions
Aft Main: 36"W x 30"H

Maximum cargo length is seven feet, but that dimension decreases as the width of the cargo increases.