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Everts Air Cargo

Hazardous Materials

Everts Air Cargo's experience in dangerous goods handling makes us the safe choice for transporting your dangerous cargo. As soon as your shipment arrives at our facility, it is placed in a secure environment and handled by a full time Hazardous Materials Specialist.

Everts Air Cargo accepts hazardous materials in accordance with CFR 49 and ICAO/IATA dangerous goods regulations. The shipper must declare all hazardous materials prior to shipping and is responsible for ensuring the correct documentation, marking, labeling and packaging of the freight. Click here to complete and print a PDF Shipper's Declaration.

For any questions regarding the transportation of Dangerous Goods, contact a Hazardous Materials Specialist.

Hazardous Materials Fee: $30 per single shipment with a maximum of $100 for charter flights or consolidations.